Welcome to the discussion on principles for drafting provisions on compliance assurance in EU Environmental Law!

The document

The drafting principles were informed by an initial analysis of the detail and coherence of compliance assurance requirements found across the EU environmental acquis. A workshop of experts from 15 countries, with expertise in law, policy and inspection, and the European Commission was held in Lisbon in October 2014, to explore how compliance assurance requirements could be formulated in a smart way in EU law. Following the workshop, this document was drafted and further discussed in a second expert meeting in Brussels. Participants at the Make it Work workshop in London in February 2015 agreed to publish the drafting principles to a wider audience.

The objective of the document is to improve the drafting of compliance assurance provisions in EU environmental law, in particular, their coherence and consistency. “Compliance assurance” encompasses compliance promotion (helping the regulated community understand its obligations), compliance monitoring (including inspections, surveillance, etc.) and enforcement (actions taken when non-compliant activities are identified).

Why the contribution is important

Not all Member States participated in the MiW workshops and expert meetings. By means of this Dialogue App we invite all Member States and all interested parties and stakeholders to share their feedback, suggestions and ideas.

What happens next?

This discussion will be monitored and the questions will be responded to. Depending upon the complexity of the questions we aim to answer them within 2 weeks time.

The outcomes of the dialogue will be presented during the MiW project workshop in Edinburgh, early December 2015.

This discussion will end on the 30th of September 2015.

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