Make it Work project: Your feedback matters!

The Make it Work project is an initiative by The Netherlands (Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment), the UK (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) and Germany (Federal Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety) to establish a forum for discussing broader, strategic approaches to smarter EU environmental law. Work on the project is supported by Institute for European Environmental Policy.

The project seeks to identify opportunities to systematically improve the quality of EU environmental law and thus help to achieve the benefits associated with the law while delivering a more level playing field across the EU. In particular, it aims at establishing a more coherent and consistent framework for the EU environmental acquis through developing drafting principles on the use of cross-cutting tools and procedures in EU environmental directives and regulations.

Make it Work aims at delivering environmental outcomes more efficiently and effectively, without lowering existing protection standards. Principles drawn up will ensure the protection of the environment.

More information about Make it Work project can be found on IEEP website here

MiW produced principles on drafting provisions regarding compliance assurance. On this site the MiW team will ask you to share your feedback on this document with us.